Monday, July 21, 2008

Dunno.. But there is something in it..

Long long ago... I used to write something.. Its been a huge break and now I am back to writing.. The diaries and the blogs see little of me these days, of course, thanks to the so called IIM where sleep is a precious commodity leave alne pursuing something like writing. I have had a good couple of weeks though, will lots of fun and lots of pitching for me... and lots of exams too.. No points for guessing that I mentioned exams because I did well.. So, coming back to Bangalore or the newly called Bengaluru, at the first go itself you realise that it is far far better than Chennai. The weather is just amazing, and the place has a plethora of pubs and restaurants to offer... I have been to some already which calls for a huge description...

Brew haha... The latest place i visited, on Amaru damru's birthday, is a happy go lucky place offering a variety of games, coffees and snacks on the table. Heard of the game bang?? I got addicted to it in three hours.. Its something like wolf that we used to play in insti but much more fun.. with cards and banging each other.. there is never a dull moment. The rain hampered lil fun though, but a good outing and more importantly a much needed trip outside insti..

Legends of Rock, not much about the place, but more about the fun.. The songs, the whisky and the music and the dance, the tequilla and the girls was all fun... The beginning of the fun, association with peers and seniors.. everything seems so similar yet more challenging than what I have seen before.. The time management out here at IIMB is something I adore very much.. No frills attached, every meeting is short and sweet, and to the point... No one believes in wasting everyone else's time.. There is much more to do.. Like sleep... Yeah Legends of rock.. the view from the terrace was amazing.. I could look down on the entire city..

Being in Bangalore has another advantage.. You have friends coming down to see you ofter.. Lays came down the other day and a nice chat with him left me happy.. With MLD moving into the job come tomorrow, Zufster recovering from the surgery , Deja making his models, I here have the need to study much harder than ever before.. For what i am looking for is simple... The three letters.. "DML"..

Good night and Good luck...

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zufi said...

Good Luck my friend , today and always ! :)