Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The beginning of the end...

The last month due tomorrow. And the season of farewells has already begin with the Adieu organized by the institute. A kuntry max event as any IITian would call it, there were huge queues for food and people breaking in. Well, thats IIT for you. The girls were quite over dressed for the occasion but later I came to know the use of it. Ill get back to that in a while. As I said, the season of farewells... And we had a BT picnic organized yesterday. It was fun but in a different way. Seemingly overdone at various points of time, it was something to get away from the joblessness we all face in our lives. The toasts were the only thing which interested me a little but then people keep extending which cost me a very dear night.

Hehe.. Coming back to the Adieu, everyone was fascinated by Vineeta Singh who but all looked ordinary. There has somehow always been air about her presence but the charm is long gone. A little old with age, she looked worn out by all the PE job offer and the consultancy work she has been doing. I could see some Sharav junta grouping around her for no reason and not quite to her liking. She was wanting to get away from them. Udaan started modestly with no one paying heed but as people settled in they gained momentum with numbers like Tere liye and Pehla nasha rocking the crowds..

There was always a bustling feeling when you got down into the bowl. People were taking photographs with everyone else possible and this was going on one after the other. It was a nice feeling but to me the need to take a pic spelled nostalgia. Spelled that its of course, farewell...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holi Hai!!

Let the Music play, let the bhaang go in, let the thandaai cool it off... This happens every holi... So whats special about this one.. Well for starters... I was woken up from sleep and straight taken to charge... The juniors Lays Shammo and Ugri came banging my door... Although I would have been angry if anyone else in this world did it, these guys surely weren't going to bear any of my wrath. On the other hand, I peacefully resigned to what they wanted to do and was coloured even before I was fully conscious. It took a while to get into the groove but I didnt know what awaited me..

The "Matka Phodi", a new entrant into the Alak culture, was a big hit.. Though the structure collapsed twice or may be thrice, people didnt lose hope. I had to take it upon myself to do Shri Ganesh as I lifted katrina on my shoulders and it was some sight. If Deja and I were a sight at Saarang a couple of years back, this is one step higher. The scene was of two men standing vertically, one on top of the other. It was hard doing the balancing act, and to some extent dangerous, but we did it, thanks to all the spirit IIT has got into us.

This was not it for the day though.. Due to all the rains in Chennai for the past week, the quadrangle the shape in which it was invited to fore the "Shaitani" dimaag all of us have. They started pushing everyone turn by turn into the muddy water and my got it hurt me. My back is fully scratched and burning. God why!!

Beedi.. Another new addition to my repertoire here in IIT.. The Czar came over to my wing after I had removed the colour quite a bit. But how was I to know that Czar and his army were still to attack. I had colour all over again. And this time no water to wear it off... Nano came in half conscious to the room and everyone desperately waiting for water, the moment it came we had bath two in one bog. Beat that!!!

Well, I had decided that I wouldn't play holi ever... But I just can't say no to these set of people who have become a need if not more. Love ya guys... May these colours brighten up your life and wishing you good luck ahead..

Holi hai!!!!

A date with PARK

Perhaps the most expensive dinner I have had in my life and to add to that the best alcohol. It was my first tryst with The PARK and with ABSOLUT Vodka (Blue) and it was surely an enjoyable one. Well, the first glance at the hotel is itself breath taking. The huge doors at the entrance completely unguarded followed by The Leather Bar on the right just raises the bar by a notch. Following it is the lobby. As far as I can remember the interior design is leaps and bounds ahead of any other restaurant. Guarded by bamboos and filled with a violet haze, the lobby is the place to be. Further in is its restaurant six 'o' one. Serving both ala carte and buffet, it has the finest variety of food and food with a difference.

We all started off slowly with some snacks being served and alcohol being ordered. I have never tasted ABSOLUT before, but it sure deserves the enigma attached to it. Smooth as silk, it gives you that sense of satisfaction or should i say that kick you looking for. The proceedings after that are slow with everyone concentrating on the food. But I was all excited about the deserts and they didn't disappoint. About 25 varieties present, each one good in its own merit. But what lured me the most were the Chocolate cream cup, the kheer and the strawberry cheese cake. We must have had four servings of deserts individually and stopped because our system wouldn't take more in. But we wanted more. There we sat now, bellies out, eyes rolling in and getting a lil more comfortable. We waited for a while, farted and enjoyed the ambience. To cap it off there were gorgeous girls and our eyes never shut.

Overall a little overpriced, but the food and the ambience make it a worthwhile visit. And to all of you there is a secret. Do visit the restroom, b'coz you never know what you might bump into. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, four years is hell a lot of time.. And its all gonna be over soon.. People will tread their own paths not knowing what is to come ahead. Gone will be the days of such freedom, such lethargy, where one can get up at 2 in the noon and start blogging. Gone will be the days where after getting up at 2, one can sleep again. Gone will be these bright days.

Surely, the most eventful and fun days of one life, my stay here will always be memorable. For friends I made, i shall always carry them with me. I always believed that two things you take out this institute: one is pride and the other friends. Well, yes we all will be happy to be graduating from such a premier institute. But deep down, I fear what lies ahead. I am scared to move out of these four walls which pull me towards it again and again.. Even away from home.. I fear if I will adapt to the life outside for this has been a very safe and carefree heaven. Will I be able to live up to the pretentious corporate world, or will I be another victim in the race of bread winners. I do not have any answers, but for one thing if all you guys are there with me forever.. I have emerged a winner already.

I might be leaving this ground soon. My deeds here fulfilled. But one quote I always remember:
"The woods are lovely, dark and deep;
But I have promises to keep;
And miles to go before I sleep;
And miles to go before I sleep;"

I am truly Institutionalized.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its Different!!!

So whats different??
You and I differ..
And you and i will always differ..

What wont differ is that be in any part of the country, the Indian trains are bound to get late. But what differs is the wait at the stations. In two days, I have spent about 6 hours at two different stations. Of course 3 hours each. One at the horrible horrible Chennai and the other at the most awesome Bangalore. I have very good reasons to add the adjectives to the two cities. In hind sight, I wouldnt have minded transferring all the 6 hours to Bangalore. For simply one reason. Aha, not girls, but the weather. There was a plesant wind blowing onto your face, giving you the feeling of waiting at the station for as long as the train wanted. And here, back in tamland, every moment just made me curse. Curse harder than before. It seemed eternity before the train finally arrived abuot 3 and a half hours late and each moment I kept thinking, is the interview that important or can I just say T to the interview and go back to my cool hostel room and lie down in the bed.
Well, I dunno how much progress the Indian railways has made in the past 4 years, but it surely doesnt show up on the tracks.

Whats different is the Shatabdi in the North and the South. The northi one looks royal and gives a special feeling. the southi one is just like any other train with food given on it. But bangalore being Bangalore, the crowd can make up for anything. The girls were pretty and one could see the full range fron the short skirts to the long flowing ones to tight jeans to the three fourths to the suits to the sarees. And each one of them adorable. I wonder how long has it been since I spoke about girls in such a fashion. Not my fault gals, Chennai doesn't deserve it!!

Hmmm... Coming to the point, the interview had nothing. It was so different from the other IIMs. Barely, ten min long, they asked me why are you excited about various things. And thats it. I forced them to ask me if I had any questions and asked about the curriculum and made sure that they knew I had a call from all the 6 IIMs and that i am that much better than the other candidates.
On the other hand, the other panel was beating the crap out of the students with each interview lasting about half an hour. Now, thats different again.

There is something more interesting than all the crap I wrote above. In the question I asked the panel, I came to know that at IIMB you bid for courses. Its like the IPL auction, each student is given some amount of credit and he can buy what courses he wants to do. In this way, he needs to figure out which course does he value more and what he wants his profile to look like. inovative haan? and know what, its all managed by the students with zero interaction from the faculty. Its something I have never heard of. So, lets play Super Selector!! Anybody game??

Well, when I was planning to write this blog in the train, I kept wondering. I have heard this somewhere. But where.. Now I know. It's the ketchup ad, with Javed Jaffery going in his own unique style, "Yeets Diffarant!! "

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elections ke liye saala kuch bhi karega..

Well I am not writing about any country or state elections. As the title of my blog goes, I shall proceed with the institute. When I think of IIT and the elections that I have so closely been involved in for the past three years, I realize it is all a big farce. Be it insti or hostel, SAC speaker or any other post open to students, a good candidature is the last criteria considered before voting. It all boils down to how many of the various factions existing here can you pull. And the word spreads like fire. I remember me discussing how the word spreads in the most abundant faction out here. To give an analogy, its something like the "Uncontrolled Chain Reaction". It increases exponentially with everyone for some reason very loyal to their head. To prove the point, it is so predominant that people have considered changing names for elections. Beat that!!

Coming to the other side of the elections, the so called meetings, is just a congregation of selfish diplomats who are their to shell out something good for each of them. Everyone wants to blow his whistle, and the prejudice is and can never be eradicated. I have never seen any solution out of this meeting and it makes sense that nothing comes out. It takes more courage to withdraw your nomination than to file it for it involves sacrifice and lowering of pride. Coming back to the meetings, as I said people try pointing fingers at others, people try BSing and people also try being emotional. Its like that candy ad: "Kuch bhi karega for Candyman". And it indeed looks like a candy to all people. For more power, for more money and for a good job. Yeah, a good job. As someone said a couple of days back, "Please let me contest. I have my ambitions and I need a good job. I have no credentials." What does this line say to you? It makes me rethink my post's title. Shouldn't it be "Job ke liye saala kuch bhi karega!!" But alas, its about power too. People have lost the trust in anyone's word and it all boils down to who is more desperate. Rarely, has anyone stood for the post to work for it. And even more rarely has anyone won an election to work for it. It is always working for oneself.

As I have seen this year, trying to keep out of elections, it just bounces back on you. You seem to be a traitor now. It is such a spiralled community that once you get in you keep drowning in the whirlpool. Hats off to these people who devote so much time and attention to these posts and worship it. Last night, was the final time I sat in a meeting and I am still waiting for an outcome out of it. Guys, I know IIT is known for all the smart brains, but the abuse of democracy in this section of the society does not serve good for the country nor for the students themselves in the future. But with three new IITs coming up, I wonder is there a new ray of hope for IITM, or is it something that cannot be changed. This year we have seen the shift of power, but is it not from a devils hand to another?

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, the "1.4 lakh gal" as Ritesh coined it took us out to Eden to treat for the same. At first, the place looks like a commoner bustling with noise. But the steward made it sure that it seemed a part of the Radissons group of hotels. Zufster, with her charming smile made sure we got our seats a lot before we expected to. And with the food already decided, it was just a matter of time before we got our hands to it. Well, its more fun watching the Zufster using forks to cut the puff biscuits than eating the puff yourself. You just cant keep your eyes away from her. :D

The entire evening revolved around my previous post, the song and the flab. The flab mostly I should say, after all the attempts to reduce it, the Zufster wanted to provide me enough cheese so that it regains its original glory. And I was upto the challenge. my dish was leaps and bounds ahead of any other and the desert was just awesome though most of our furiousness was concentrated on the ice cream named, "When you last saw your waist".

Hehe, we rounded off the meal, including the waiting time, quicker than what it took us to travel to and fro the place. Inside the campus it was more silent for some reason and only time we actually began humming something was when zufster made mockery of some very good songs. All this while, there was a third party sitting there, though some could have debated her presence from whats been described. Overall, it was good fun at a place with good food and cheerful people doing the math of the flab before and after.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh boy did I Sing!!!

Well, when everyone was visiting Bangalore for the Megadeth concert, I was amidst all of them to go for an interview. Its almost been a month into this process of interviews and now it has become a boring mundane routine to visit bangalore and interact with the faculty of various IIMs for a nerve wracking 25 minutes of question and answer, or let us call it mocking. My last interview with IIMA was not so good, with the panel laughing at will. So, this time I made a conscious effort that the panel acknowledges me.

Good that it started with easy questions like what do you do at IITM for time pass and stuff. It got me at ease and the answers kept flowing, be it right or wrong. Never was there a moment, when I wasn't smiling quite contrary to what happened a fortnight ago. The round of question and answers went on when they arrived to music. My eyes lighted up and I gleefully said I sing. One of the members said in Hindi, "To Ankit, do jhaankiyaan ho jaaye" to which I replied."jaroor". I sang one of my all time favourites, "Oh mere dil ke chain" and they thought I sang well.

Well there were other questions not quite worth mention here other than the last line one of them said when I was at the door. It went: "Ankit you sing pretty well, but try reducing the flab" to which I had to say. " I am working on it Sir."

The First One

Lets get going. Its been a while since people been asking me to write a blog but being bitten by the lethargy syndrome, I have always found reasons not to. But believe me as I make my entry into this world, I am excited writing my first blog. I am here to learn the art of writing which my many dear friends say will come as I write. Actually the enthusiasm for starting this blog was a splurge of extra energy when someone so dear to me called me a "Lazy Bum". Its then that I wanted to prove a point. And here I am.

Guys, for all of you who do not know me, I am Ankit currently in the most peaceful semester of my life. Or atleast supposed to be. It has been marred by all the IIM interviews and the final year project that all the IITians are subjected to. From the IIM interviews, they are the craziest piece of crap I have ever attended. For starters, there are no parameters defined to judge you on. Secondly, they are random and completely not related to you. Imagine if you are asked to explain to the panel why is (-1)*(-1)=(+1), with the argument supporting that vice versa is not true. In another case, out of nowhere you are asked to sing. So, if someone likes to give interviews without preparing for them, this cake belongs to you.

I am sure all of us know about the famous chicken and the egg question. I have got one more for you. Which came first? Engineering or Technology?