Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teen Patti

Orkut is ringing in the changes... With applications that you can add to your profile, inviting others to join you in all the fun... The applications include the likes of Cricket games, fantasy games, music players, quizzes, movie makers etc. But the most interesting application I found was Teen Patti. Its fantastic, its fun and a way to know other people..

My friends keep asking me about the rule.. Since betting takes care of itself in Orkut, I write here the rules of the best hand:

The ranking of the possible hands, from high to low, is as follows.

  1. Trio - three cards of the same rank. Three aces are the best trio and three twos are the lowest.
  2. Straight run - three consecutive cards of the same suit. Ace can be used in the run A-2-3, which is the highest straight run. Next comes A-K-Q, K-Q-J and so on down to 4-3-2, which is the lowest. 2-A-K is not a valid run.
  3. Normal run - three consecutive cards, not all of the same suit. A-2-3 is the best normal run, then A-K-Q, K-Q-J and so on down to 4-3-2. 2-A-K is not valid.
  4. Colour - any three cards of the same suit. When comparing two colours, compare the highest card; if these are equal compare the second; if these are equal too, compare the lowest. Thus the highest colour is A-K-J and the lowest is 5-3-2.
  5. Pair - two cards of the same rank. Between two such hands, compare the pair first, then the odd card if these are equal. The highest pair hand is therefore A-A-K and the lowest is 2-2-3.
  6. High card - three cards that do not belong to any of the above types. Compare the highest card first, then the second highest, then the lowest. The best hand of this type is A-K-J of mixed suits, and the worst is 5-3-2.

Any hand of a higher type beats any hand of a lower type - for example the lowest run 4-3-2 beats the best colour A-K-J.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Across the Universe

Its the first musical I have seen... I remember someone saying musicals are bad.. Well this was wasn't... If there was a tribute to the Beatles, then this would be it.. The story is based on how long distance relationships are far from secure and that as you grow fond of someone, the older memory starts to fade away. Each time you find someone whom you are attracted to, and start loving the person. Its of the Vietnam war era, but beautifully picturised, directed and the music was awesome and to the occasion..

Some of the numbers include:
  1. I wanna hold your hand
  2. I want you (She's so heavy)
  3. Because
  4. Hey Jude
  5. Come together
  6. While my Guitar gently weeps
  7. Strawberry fields forever
  8. All you need is love
  9. Beautiful boy
  10. Don't let me down
  11. happiness is a warm gun
  12. Hold me tight (I love this :))
  13. I am the Walrus
  14. If I fell in love with you
  15. Let it be
  16. Lucy in the sky with diamonds
  17. Something in the way she moves
  18. Across the universe
  19. Why don't we do it in the road

Friday, April 25, 2008

Its IPL!!!

I live in Hyderabad... Study in Chennai.. And I am a native of Rajasthan.. And one can translate it, Deccan Chargers is my home team, Chennai Super Kings is whom I should be supporting, and Rajasthan Royals is what I am... but ironically enough, inspite of so many choices I choose a team different from all these... I don't like Shah Rukh Khan jumping up and down the balcony with Arjun Rampal dancing to his tunes.. And in the absence of Sachin, neither has Mumbai Indians given me a solid reason to support them. Delhi Daredevils has a dream bowling attack but without Sehwag and Gambhir, its batting looks thin. On paper, Bangalore Royal challegers look the most boring and impotent.. Quite ironical isn't it that a man like Vijay Mallya should end up with probably the most boring team one can imagine.. This leaves one team remaining and thats the Punjab Kings.. With Preity Zinta on their side, Punjab need not give any other reason to be their supporter.. She claps with every six and cries when each wicket falls down. Her contribution to the game as she says is her presence at the stadia.

Hmmm... its been a week into the IPL.. And we have already witnessed a spectacle of a life time. It started off in tremendous fashion, with Bredon Mccullum pummeling the RCs.. As one sided as it was, it just laid the foundation for the week to come. When the two kings faced off, it was just that Super in the name that edged Chennai to beat Punjab. But the most interesting matches have come off late. The humdinger in Kolkata on a pitch which one can argue should have been a test wicket. The chutzpah of Abhishekh Nayar who almost saw Mumbai cage the Super Kings, and the last over flourish by Shane Warne, which annihilated otherwise a memorable day for Andrew Symonds.

As an Indian though, and the T20 champions, its a little worrying that they are the players from overseas which have truly performed. All centuries, the most brilliant bowling figures, and exceptional fielding everything, by just the four members in each team.. The Shane dual in Rajasthan Royals, The Austrailian duals in DC and Chennai, Mccullum And David hussey for Kolkata, James Hopes and Brett Lee for Punjab, Mcgrath and Maharoof for the Daredevils. The only truly Indian side is the Mumbai Indians. Robin Utthapa, Harbhajan Singh and Abhishekh Nayar have all done India proud. Abhishekh Nayar and Ravindran Jadeja have shown tremendous potential to compete with the best and are sooner rather than later to be seen in the Indian colours. One other bowler M Gony, impresses me a lot.. Well built, tall bowler has used his body to excellent use and is an addition to an already growing Indian Pace attack..

And there is much more than cricket... Cheerleaders, just like in American football.. Man these girls and in some cases guys too (:|) bring lots of colour to the match... You see them dance at every four or six hit.. At every wicket taken.. ITs just fantastic to watch... Stars performing on the grounds, I love the Akshay Kumar stunts, the Sivamani drums... Its just much more.. The advertisements.. of not any other products.. but the teams themselves... the promo song by Daler Mehndi.. I can recollect only one song.. "Its ROCKING, yaara kabhi ishq to karo. "

IPL has already thrown a number of surprises.. The table looks opposite to what it was predicted before the tournament.. DC started as favourites but are lying down at the bottom of the table with 3 losses in as many matches. On the other hand, RRs have done exceeding well to win 2 out of the 3.. Thanks to Shane Warne of course.. Most of the players will be returning to their national duties and it is then that IPL will truly be tested to live up to the expectations.. Meanwhile, today, is Punjab v Mumbai match. I have a reason to support each but I am expecting a cracker of a match on a pitch that produced close to 500 runs in the previous outing. IPL has just added so much colour in the Indian community. And why not.. If the European nations have this in Football, the T20 format has given us a chance to showcase it in cricket. And oh boy, we have succeeded..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why curious?

All of us are curious.. Some about science.. Some about fate.. Some about destiny, whereas some others for lottery.. Some about news.. Some about results.. Some about their relatives, whereas some others for a newly met girl.. Everyone has been affected by curiosity.. So much so that, when people sleep these days, they are curious to know if they can sleep more...

Well, I have been very curious for the past few days... And curious for various reasons.. Mostly, about the much awaited IIM offers which hold the key to my fate.. About the quota declaration which in turn holds the key to the results.. About the next 27 days, which will mark the end of a memorable adventure.. About the next two years, which will test me to the core.. About the strength of character which will decide our destiny.. About someone calling... About other's blogs.. So, in a way I am curious about anything that a Homo sapien can be curious about..

Now, having written the PE exam.. I wonder which sect of people are curious.. Are they the egoists, or the altruists.. Are they utilitarians or deontologists? Are they who follow solipsism?? The root of curiosity is consequence. But the code of ethics has its own theories on consequences.. I am curious.. And I want to know where I belong.. I dont know why their is curiosity if everyone follows a code of conduct which has rules and consequences are already decided or do not matter.. So, why curious??

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Its high time!!!

Well.. I hope you are aware of the AXN reality series named "Girls Gone Wild"... I am glad to say I might be soon on the series due to my presence at one such party. Where girls were going really wild. While I was lucky to be kissed by two different people, I was at the receiving end and I had my share of bruises too.

Hmmm.. The Indian traditional wear suddenly turned nasty when girls were seen in nothing but t shirts, white non-opaque t shirts, inviting everyone for graffiti. Hmmm hmmm.. and guess what.. Their backs and fronts were all written over... I guess most of them were not in their senses but for those who were, one of hem being me, it was a sheer delight. With the t shirts going up and down and the girls falling like nine pins, I never expected such a wild party so soon.

Well, gals u rock... and with u on alcohol... the world rocks...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Change of Fortunes...

All credit goes to Ms. Aditi Jain for capturing the glorious moments of life.. :D

Thursday, April 3, 2008

And here comes the clone...

Of all the memories into the RGs..

Well its RG time... By RG I don't mean that I have any exam... It's time when everyones kora chitta is filled with all the good, bad and the ugly deeds in the past four years. Its fun running down memory lane and picking out events which are the most funny, most memorable, most endeared for something which will be remembered all life. Its a session where your closest friends toast you and everything is printed on an A3 paper for all to know about you...

Some people find it embarrassing, some don't like it and yet another lot just gives it the full thrust. I would typically fall into the third category playing no hand in concealing whatsoever. But sometimes, some of my friends come to me and say, no this did not happen and that did not happen. Sometimes, they ask not to incorporate. But why, isn't it all going to be fun.. Isn't this what we crave for all four years. To have people like you, to know that people love you, to know that how much your life has affected theirs and that it would have been a completely different story if you hadn't been there around. I sincerely ask all you friends to take a chill pill and don't go about contemplating about whats being written. No one will write a word wrong. These are memories close to their hearts and after the saga gets over close to yours too.

Long ago, may be in my first year here, I used to get so many forward messages.. Nothing struck me as this one. One day, we will look back at what we did and we will cry for the times we laughed, and laugh at the times we cried. This is life friends.. Live it!!

The Million Dollar Baby...

Well... Thats what the pic is named.. if anyone was wondering what the million dollar baby is, its right below.. :D