Monday, October 13, 2008

A dry L square

An insider's perspective:

Think of IIMB, and the only stressbuster that comes to mind is L square, the fortnight party organized by the Culcom. There is music, there is alcohol and there are friends.. This is one night at IIMB that I would not want to miss.. To put it in a candid way, this is the only thing I like about IIMB, among all the glamour and hype associated with it. But come October, a distinguished personality made his presence felt and alcohol was not to be seen on the campus. Not to mention, the numerous smokers who are deprived of cigarettes.

IIMB has suddenly lost its USP, of being the most open and outgoing of all IIMs. The open culture of Bengaluru formerly known as Bangalore has certainly played its role in building the brand IIMB. But last night was one of the saddest in my fourth month stay here. You could browse through all the status messages of all the seniors, and they would read: "A dry l square", "Alas, no more fun", "IIMB lost". There ere alumnus out for the post meredian dinner and everyone was surprised that there was no alcohol.

Times have changed. But this might not stay for long. The more you restrict it, the more people yearn for it. So lets see what snaps first.
For now, a dry l square echoes in all the walls of IIM Bangalore.

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