Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cheering for India, Sec C and MS...

Flash!!! And it was all gone. Disappeared into thin air.. The immense hype pre summers could not sustain post them. No one remembers where you going, and where they themselves heading. Though this may arise a year down the line, this very month when the laterals start, we are free from it for the moment. Well mailing the New Hire Pack sent by Morgan Stanley will be the last step before I go for my summers.

The last three weeks have been dull and actionless (in the insti). The lazy bones have taken charge of me, and sleeping has been given priority number one. This week, with 5 submissions lined up for Friday, its gonna be just the opposite. Some exciting stuff in Marketing and Operations. But I have never enjoyed anything at IIMB as much as working on the Quant assignment. The inputs from the so called dada pardada of IIMB were absolute rubbish. The constraints were horribly wrong and the answer quite unbelievable.

The basketball match, in which I played, and the futsal tournament of Section C, were just phenomenal. It was an experience to savour. With everyone cheering for their sections. One sport which beat the section spirit is the girls cricket. The ever famous Dakait took an early flight from Singapore, just to watch the matches. Way to go dude!!!

Last but not the least, India at its cricketing best. Sehwag, Gambhir, Sachin or Yuvraj. Name it, and they have delivered. 387 was no mean task with two instances of Pakistan (1999) and Australia (2001) still vivid in my memory. Sachin had to make a statement. He is sure not bowing down anytime soon. The pic of the 35 year old, jumping in the air as if a debutant has scored a century in his first match, was what made my day. Only if everyone had such passion in what they do!!

11 Days to go.. Hyderabad calling..

P.S. Watch out for my new blog.. Rediscover yourself. A by product of my marketing project.


nishita said...

do put in ur new blog link..in ur nxt post..

and yeah all the best for your end terms

Ankit said...

yes madame..