Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did you say defensive??

Hibernation!!! Yes, for the first time, I can say I went into one... The only difference being that sleep was the most elusive thing for those 6 days that were spent inside the "Yoga Hall". The work was fun, but what was more fun was the precursor to it. A new team to work with, a new rapport shared and better than most teams I have been in.

Nights and nights spent in dry runs and planning out what has to be done. But all this while, no one realised the amount of time you have spent with people you never knew before. The epitome of this came when three of us had a bash at "Purple Haze". That night had almost everything. Music, beer, India (Pathan Brothers) kicking some ass, stationary, fart and crowd. That is one of the most awesome times I have spent here at IIMB.

Back to work, the jargon that was created by all of them was just hilarious. I will just leave with a glimpse of what all was made.

1) Maardaar......
2) Defensive (Dunno for how long)
3) The PoC between place and control (everyone knows it has to be ceeti.. )
4) And the Venn diagrams created by Sid Sen.. Dude post it in the comments..
5) Love Bites!!! (I cannot know and say how and when that happened)

There we go.. A perfect time.. and a cheerful ending yet to savour..


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