Thursday, April 3, 2008

Of all the memories into the RGs..

Well its RG time... By RG I don't mean that I have any exam... It's time when everyones kora chitta is filled with all the good, bad and the ugly deeds in the past four years. Its fun running down memory lane and picking out events which are the most funny, most memorable, most endeared for something which will be remembered all life. Its a session where your closest friends toast you and everything is printed on an A3 paper for all to know about you...

Some people find it embarrassing, some don't like it and yet another lot just gives it the full thrust. I would typically fall into the third category playing no hand in concealing whatsoever. But sometimes, some of my friends come to me and say, no this did not happen and that did not happen. Sometimes, they ask not to incorporate. But why, isn't it all going to be fun.. Isn't this what we crave for all four years. To have people like you, to know that people love you, to know that how much your life has affected theirs and that it would have been a completely different story if you hadn't been there around. I sincerely ask all you friends to take a chill pill and don't go about contemplating about whats being written. No one will write a word wrong. These are memories close to their hearts and after the saga gets over close to yours too.

Long ago, may be in my first year here, I used to get so many forward messages.. Nothing struck me as this one. One day, we will look back at what we did and we will cry for the times we laughed, and laugh at the times we cried. This is life friends.. Live it!!

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