Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why curious?

All of us are curious.. Some about science.. Some about fate.. Some about destiny, whereas some others for lottery.. Some about news.. Some about results.. Some about their relatives, whereas some others for a newly met girl.. Everyone has been affected by curiosity.. So much so that, when people sleep these days, they are curious to know if they can sleep more...

Well, I have been very curious for the past few days... And curious for various reasons.. Mostly, about the much awaited IIM offers which hold the key to my fate.. About the quota declaration which in turn holds the key to the results.. About the next 27 days, which will mark the end of a memorable adventure.. About the next two years, which will test me to the core.. About the strength of character which will decide our destiny.. About someone calling... About other's blogs.. So, in a way I am curious about anything that a Homo sapien can be curious about..

Now, having written the PE exam.. I wonder which sect of people are curious.. Are they the egoists, or the altruists.. Are they utilitarians or deontologists? Are they who follow solipsism?? The root of curiosity is consequence. But the code of ethics has its own theories on consequences.. I am curious.. And I want to know where I belong.. I dont know why their is curiosity if everyone follows a code of conduct which has rules and consequences are already decided or do not matter.. So, why curious??

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