Saturday, May 3, 2008

A night at Bhupath and Jyothis'

Amidst the unbearable hot and, more importantly, extremely humid summer, I found refuge at this amazing place Bhupath and Jyothis'.. From the exterior, a five star hotel, lives upto expectations of a student searching for heaven on the island of heat. I say this because I have often heard that hell comprises of burning flames which will cook your flesh and purify and anoint you.

Yeah, so coming back to this place, it had a lavish interior decoration in the middle with a dome at the top and a well laid granite and marble with a delightful texture of sand. Go to the second floor, and you experience the bliss. A difference of about 15 degrees, a humdity of about 10 per cent, comfortable rocking chairs, two pretty females working there, provision of laptops with neck breaking speed of the internet connection, a database of almost every movie to be made to choose from, what more could one ask for.. Well... one can... ORKUT... I mean TEEN PATTI.. and someone to play along with it.. And here is the part of the story you need to move away from the girls and you need guys... I got them, and lets leave it there.. We played teen patti... lost then won and then lost again... I lost the appetite for losing money and turned to actual cards.. Bluffing has always worked for me.. Be it in cards or in front of professors or core members or anyone... So, we start playing bluff... And the girls joined in.. In the middle of the game, I kept losers to treat.. I knew I would win.. :D So we played Bluff in the room... watched DDLJ... played music.. I wonder if we could dance next time as it would complete a perfect stay at the Bhupath and Jyothis'...

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