Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The perfect recipe

The perfect recipe for a wonderful evening:

1 teaspoon of kshitij (for humour)
1 teaspoon of aditi (for digging her own grave. aka.bakra)
1 teaspoon of aishwarya (for someone to bulb)
1 teaspoon of purvi (for eating up all food)
1 teaspoon of ganesh (for being dumb)
1 teaspoon of ankit (for hmmm... u can comment.. :) )

and a place by the beach side.. and thats it my friends.. that evening lasted four years...

"And that my FRIEND is called CLOSURE"


zufi said...

2 teaspoon of ankit for doing his stunt as P Pstar!!! :P :P

Ankit said...


i thought some one would find a better use for poor pico... [:(]