Friday, December 25, 2009

Two States

If you think, this is gonna be a serious discussion about Telangana, then this is the wrong place. This is about two IIMA grads Ananya and Krish in CHetan Bhagat's latest book titled "Two States".

Well, I liked the book for reasons more than one and reasons beyond the purview of this blog. :) It is a satirical account of a love story making a mockery of the various castes and states and religions by putting on line the Punjabis and the Tamilians. Tamil is pronounced as "Thamilla". Your tongue needs to twist to the correct degree to get that right. Of course, it is not easy to be a Tamilian. Sorry Jiggs.

So coming to the book. Ananya and Krish met in IIMA in the mess line. Everyone on campus had hots for this girl and Krish bold her over by his naive nature. They soon became best friends and when Krish 'confessed' there love story began. Soon, she started parking at his place and they had a great time. Then came the placements, where he proposed to her in the middle of an interview. Amidst all the confusion in his life, he barged into the HUL interview and proposed the girl. This is something none of us can dare to attempt. Both got what they wanted and coincidentally placed in Chennai.

Ananya's family is a traditional one, where they value education and caste more than any other virtue. On the other hand, Krish's mom is only concerned about the dowry that she is going to get on her rather over qualified son's marriage.

Now began the whole story of them convincing their parents which forms the crux of the story. They go through lot of compromises, adaptions and shit to get approal from everyone. I shall leave that to the readers to find out how the story unfolds. But here are some of the wittiest lines that one can get out of the book.

Ananya to a potential bridegroom," Let me put it this way. If I were to give a virginity test, I am sure I will not top it." This sent me rolling and laughing my ass of.

"when you are part of a couple, you dont realise how cheesy your affections are to the outside world"

"In an Indian love mariage, by the time everyone gets on board, one wonders if there is any love left."

And how can I forget Krish's fantasy - "Operation Beach Passion"

Its a light read as all Chetan Bhagat books are. One which I can relate to. Watch out for Krish's dad. You want to believe that he is the most important character in the book.

"P.S. : I miss the sex"

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