Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 0 all over again

Rewind.. 15 months back, all the fresh ambitious grads sat for the summer placements. It was a roller coaster ride. Some of them went on to succeed in their endeavours and half of us face the prospect of going through the process one more time. And with 6 days to go before the big day,

There are butterflies in the tummy,
A sense of apprehension,
A sense of pressure.
I have seen three processes inside out
And I still dread being a part of it.
My heart says Aal izz well,
My brain says anything can happen.
But then I say to myself
I shall come out of it better or stronger
And I have nothing to lose.
The stay here has been rich,
Its time to attain closure.
Like the 6 terms in IIMB have,
Even this shall pass away.

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ME! said...

even this shall pass :)