Monday, September 22, 2008

And pass away.. It did..

Come June 23... Enter IIM Bangalore, one of the most reputed universities to be founded on the Indian soil. High hopes and full of doubts and apprehensions. Little did I know how the first term was gonna be like. The first week saw the biggest hoax that was played on me (us). For confidentiality agreements, the details shall not be disclosed here. The Outbound gave me my first tryst with adventure sport, or the likes of it. That was the first time, i realised the importance of team work. I thought that laid a solid foundation for the way ahead.

June 30.. Start the classes. And here comes the first shock. Placards placed in front of all seats. And my name, right there in the first row. For the first time, I was sitting in the first row of a class. Classes seemed to be boring at the start of the sem. But that changed as the semester progressed and everyone was getting into the groove. Some courses like Quantitative methods and Managing organizations were mundane and boring. But, Financial accounting and BGS were much more interesting and fun. The courses I mean. Not the classes necessarily.

Cul com selections. That day was a comedy of errors that I will never forget. But as it went. I selected a safe option for term 1. The party at Legends of Rock was just mind blowing. The songs we sang. The whisky in hand. And everyone dancing around. It was one of the rare nights at IIMB that I will remember. L square parties were mere specks in front of it. Thank you Cul Com.

My claim to fame in the first sem came when my hand was the sole one raised in the class for studying accounting. I got a new name there. A square. As everyone in the campus are starting to call me by that name, the momentum for Pico also seems to be high. I have an attachment towards Pico but A square doesn't seem bad. Lets see. Then came a time when I was down. But that would spoil the post here. So that would be taken up later.

August 4.. Mid terms.. I performed decently well to be modest and that laid claims for me being DML. Well, everyone who scores qualifies for that, its to be seen where I land up and who bags the prize. The following two weeks were the most peaceful weeks where I slept as much as I could.

Then started the ad hoc race to the end terms. The last weekend saw me prepare five presentations in 3 days and the night out reading the Reliance report for the end terms was an experience like never before. Amidst this came the mail, "Even this shall pass away." And then the fall of Lehman Brothers, Meryl Lynch, AIG and Morgan Stanley raised doubts over the summers. But that we will take it as it comes. The end terms were mostly a smooth ride except the last one hour which I in hindsight think that I could have done better. I have no regrets about them. Awaiting the results now.

And finally, I am out of the tense and compact place back to the safe havens of home. Having delicious food and for first time in months sleeping without alarm clocks. Much more fun to come.

Signing off.
Good night and Good luck.


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