Friday, September 5, 2008

The Regulated Regulator

Well well well.. The course I thought was the most fart and useless in the curriculum, has turned out to be the most interesting of the lot. To be frank, partially it attributes to the sense of his grading, its more so that I have started enjoying his classes so much that I even participate in them. Yeah I know its not a big deal.. But its something new to me.. ANd the prof with his whacky quotes, election campaign in class and the double meant sentences, makes it so lively that not a single soul in the class is asleep.. Now thats a big thing for a prof to hear.

Coming to the lecture by Mr. Rajeev Chandrashekhar, an honourable MP in India, it was something different from the normal ppts that everyone seems to put these days. It was a talk.. A talk on a one to one basis. A talk in simple language. And a talk that everyone could relate to. Now, that for me is a good speaker. I for instance was never lost during the entire talk. It was enlightening and it was useful. It also made me think if I want to become a policy maker. But yeah, the answer is no; atleast temporarily.

He spoke about how regulation was meant to be an autonomous body but how it has been politicized and filled with corruption. He said we didnt need regulations but needed implementation of the regulations. He defended that we needed oversight of the govt and the public of these authorities, so that the erroneous decisions being taken by these so called regulators are taken care of and dealt with strictly. Its high time that educated people like you and surprisingly me be more vigilant and take more responsibility towards improving the country, albeit with the bank balances we may establish in the future.

I need to rush now.. But there is so much to write. Will continue this later.

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