Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mast Kalandar

MO to Mast Kalandar.. Something which was very abrupt and surprising. But which was one of the best things that happened to me here. Went out with 11 of us and had a ball of a time. The food was good. Over that Rahul (humara bajaj) was made the guinea pig. It was fun. Swati's bday treat, the awesome parathas, the mouth watering pasteries and to cap it all some lovely songs. You sometimes feel nice to know about new people.. For instance Bajaj.. for someone.. I know him much better after the dinner, may be still not know him.. But its just that you can gauge someone so much more better after one healthy conversation with him/her.. People say cigarettes and drinking makes lots of friends. I realised its not that but a common rapport in this case singing was very helpful..

Coming back to Mast Kalandar. I think these have the best combos available. Finger licking dal with stuffed parathas leave the heart wanting for more. I recommend the Cheese Spring Onions and Sinful Punjabi Paneer to all of you who havent tried it yet..

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