Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Maximizer

60 days, 17 exams, 6 courses, 5 assignments... This is what it took me to get the max score and deliberate about the losses. As it goes, the pleasure attained from obtaining a good is much much lesser than the pain felt by losing it. And this has been my story at IIMB so far.. 9/10, 14/15, 19/20, 80/88.. Scores by no means a mean achievement.. But scores that left me wondering.. If only I had done that... And today, for that, the lady luck was on my side.. i took a decision.. and it paid off.. It was the first exam I maxed.. and hope for many more to come.. :)

Hail Stats..

Good night and Good luck..


Ganesh said...

Am I happy or what to know this wonderful news, late I may be! Congratulations! Sure it is a sign of the times to come :)

Ankit said...

Hopefully... Things finally starting to look up from unexpected avenues