Friday, August 22, 2008

The curse prevails..

Back in the humid and sultry weather in the southern most metropolitan of India, I managed to get wet every single time it rained. Well, not because I went out saying I wanna get wet. But partly because it decided to rain whenever I was out, without an umbrella , raincoat or any such thing and when I had no other option. And this curse did not leave my back till the placements. I distinctly remember getting wet on the day I got placed. But whenever I have got wet, something good has happened to me.. So no issues..

Hmmm.. Here at bangalore, things dont seem to have changed much. It pretty much rains whenever I am out and especially on a bike. or walking on the roads. I agree that it rains everyday here. But it doesnt rain when all the plans are being made. Once out, and out of control, does the sky open the ovi to let the rain pour. The same thing happened yesterday. But now I am thinking, what good is going to occur.. :)

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