Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home away from home...

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All the smiles are not because i am happy. Its all relief after three days of marathon of mugging and long nights and pressure and loads and loads of coffee, here I am, smiling. And yeah.. 75 % in accounting... not bad Mr. Ankit. Enough of self-lauding, this place has given me no respite as yet. No sleep, no fart sessions (though voluntary non-participation), people Rging each other, hiding their incapabilities my mocking the good. This place is full of pretensions. Pretensions that I dont feel are needed. Someone, screwing up his/her acads because its a cool thing to do?? Or is it just a way to hide your failure that I am not interested in it and don't give time to it.

I remember my brother Akhil when he got his tenth results. he was ecstatic; not because he scored some out of the world numbers, but because the difference between the both of us was a mere 8 percent. So much for me puting fight to outscore him by just 8. Hehe, the marginal utility fundaes at work. Low score for low input vs not so high score for high input. I shall agree that this made a lot of sense for him to say that because any rational man would do that.

But then, there is this law of diminishing marginal returns. The returns for the marginal input is much lower than what it would have been if there was no input at all.. Yes, all this fight for those 8 per cent now makes perfect sense. After all, its the 1 mark that distinguishes you from the rest. Its the one millisecond that determines the winner in a sprint. Its the one day in life that brings about happiness.

Yeah.. the one day that brings about happiness.. but there are days when you are anxious. Of the uncertainties of the future. There are no bases for calulating probabilities for it is an unknown territory. there is no conditional probablity that I can apply as there is none prior to it. All that I have learnt in a month here is just a tiny proportion of what the life offers. Hail my dear friend. have a nice stay at home away from home.

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