Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ovarian lottery

Its been long since I visited this place.. And I see a dull picture with the same stagnant old posts. Yeah, IIMB keeps me busy as it will do for the next 25 days, this might well be the last post before the term ends. So, let me start with some good things. My mid terms went reasonably well, and I am happy with the consistency in my performance. The latter half of the term is more challenging, and I am gearing up to it, this being the bbye to all the whims and fancies and distractions for the next 3 weeks. Thats the resolution I have taken.. :)

Well, today we had a talk by Manish Sabharwal, the founder of Teamlease, a human resource supplier in the country. He was one of those charismatic speakers, who knew how to keep the audience intereted in the lecture, with some whacky quotes and some sensible correlation. Not to mention that I felt there were traits of Dhirubhai Ambani in him, a very ambitious man, he had simple logic to his business, make profits, have fun and develop the country. And indeed no one can argue against this line of thought. But what one could argue is the means by which he has started. May be wrong, but regulations cannot be broken. Like Dhirubhai Ambani, who worked through the system to rise up to become one of the most powerful men in the country, this man started a business against a regulation hoping that it will change. Well, he might argue that there is nothing wrong with it, imagine what will happen if everyone started doing the same. The regulations will lose their meaning. But him being successful, is one thing that I took a lot of insipiration from. One quote from him, "Development with inequality of income is absoultely fine, as long as the poverty is on te decline and we are moving towards equality of opportunities." Not all blessed with the winning ticket in the Ovarian lottery, and for those who are not, we need to given them a chance. Let me stop at that.

The last two days have been horrible in terms of academics, and the nauseating feeling I got up with today. But things will change; they have to change if any meaning has to come out of this effort to reach the place, where I so earnestly want to be. The distance is just killing now. As it goes, "I will do what I can do, without worrying about the results."

Signing off from here..
Good night and Good luck..

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