Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holi Hai!!

Let the Music play, let the bhaang go in, let the thandaai cool it off... This happens every holi... So whats special about this one.. Well for starters... I was woken up from sleep and straight taken to charge... The juniors Lays Shammo and Ugri came banging my door... Although I would have been angry if anyone else in this world did it, these guys surely weren't going to bear any of my wrath. On the other hand, I peacefully resigned to what they wanted to do and was coloured even before I was fully conscious. It took a while to get into the groove but I didnt know what awaited me..

The "Matka Phodi", a new entrant into the Alak culture, was a big hit.. Though the structure collapsed twice or may be thrice, people didnt lose hope. I had to take it upon myself to do Shri Ganesh as I lifted katrina on my shoulders and it was some sight. If Deja and I were a sight at Saarang a couple of years back, this is one step higher. The scene was of two men standing vertically, one on top of the other. It was hard doing the balancing act, and to some extent dangerous, but we did it, thanks to all the spirit IIT has got into us.

This was not it for the day though.. Due to all the rains in Chennai for the past week, the quadrangle the shape in which it was invited to fore the "Shaitani" dimaag all of us have. They started pushing everyone turn by turn into the muddy water and my got it hurt me. My back is fully scratched and burning. God why!!

Beedi.. Another new addition to my repertoire here in IIT.. The Czar came over to my wing after I had removed the colour quite a bit. But how was I to know that Czar and his army were still to attack. I had colour all over again. And this time no water to wear it off... Nano came in half conscious to the room and everyone desperately waiting for water, the moment it came we had bath two in one bog. Beat that!!!

Well, I had decided that I wouldn't play holi ever... But I just can't say no to these set of people who have become a need if not more. Love ya guys... May these colours brighten up your life and wishing you good luck ahead..

Holi hai!!!!


zufi said...

Does a post a day..keep the doctor way ? :P

Ankit said...

May be.. but I need a doctor now... come no.. :P