Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, four years is hell a lot of time.. And its all gonna be over soon.. People will tread their own paths not knowing what is to come ahead. Gone will be the days of such freedom, such lethargy, where one can get up at 2 in the noon and start blogging. Gone will be the days where after getting up at 2, one can sleep again. Gone will be these bright days.

Surely, the most eventful and fun days of one life, my stay here will always be memorable. For friends I made, i shall always carry them with me. I always believed that two things you take out this institute: one is pride and the other friends. Well, yes we all will be happy to be graduating from such a premier institute. But deep down, I fear what lies ahead. I am scared to move out of these four walls which pull me towards it again and again.. Even away from home.. I fear if I will adapt to the life outside for this has been a very safe and carefree heaven. Will I be able to live up to the pretentious corporate world, or will I be another victim in the race of bread winners. I do not have any answers, but for one thing if all you guys are there with me forever.. I have emerged a winner already.

I might be leaving this ground soon. My deeds here fulfilled. But one quote I always remember:
"The woods are lovely, dark and deep;
But I have promises to keep;
And miles to go before I sleep;
And miles to go before I sleep;"

I am truly Institutionalized.

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