Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elections ke liye saala kuch bhi karega..

Well I am not writing about any country or state elections. As the title of my blog goes, I shall proceed with the institute. When I think of IIT and the elections that I have so closely been involved in for the past three years, I realize it is all a big farce. Be it insti or hostel, SAC speaker or any other post open to students, a good candidature is the last criteria considered before voting. It all boils down to how many of the various factions existing here can you pull. And the word spreads like fire. I remember me discussing how the word spreads in the most abundant faction out here. To give an analogy, its something like the "Uncontrolled Chain Reaction". It increases exponentially with everyone for some reason very loyal to their head. To prove the point, it is so predominant that people have considered changing names for elections. Beat that!!

Coming to the other side of the elections, the so called meetings, is just a congregation of selfish diplomats who are their to shell out something good for each of them. Everyone wants to blow his whistle, and the prejudice is and can never be eradicated. I have never seen any solution out of this meeting and it makes sense that nothing comes out. It takes more courage to withdraw your nomination than to file it for it involves sacrifice and lowering of pride. Coming back to the meetings, as I said people try pointing fingers at others, people try BSing and people also try being emotional. Its like that candy ad: "Kuch bhi karega for Candyman". And it indeed looks like a candy to all people. For more power, for more money and for a good job. Yeah, a good job. As someone said a couple of days back, "Please let me contest. I have my ambitions and I need a good job. I have no credentials." What does this line say to you? It makes me rethink my post's title. Shouldn't it be "Job ke liye saala kuch bhi karega!!" But alas, its about power too. People have lost the trust in anyone's word and it all boils down to who is more desperate. Rarely, has anyone stood for the post to work for it. And even more rarely has anyone won an election to work for it. It is always working for oneself.

As I have seen this year, trying to keep out of elections, it just bounces back on you. You seem to be a traitor now. It is such a spiralled community that once you get in you keep drowning in the whirlpool. Hats off to these people who devote so much time and attention to these posts and worship it. Last night, was the final time I sat in a meeting and I am still waiting for an outcome out of it. Guys, I know IIT is known for all the smart brains, but the abuse of democracy in this section of the society does not serve good for the country nor for the students themselves in the future. But with three new IITs coming up, I wonder is there a new ray of hope for IITM, or is it something that cannot be changed. This year we have seen the shift of power, but is it not from a devils hand to another?


Ganesh said...

How revealing it is that no one comments on such "serious" posts!

Ankit said...

Yeah I know... I shall learn the art to make them a lil lighter... :D