Saturday, March 22, 2008

A date with PARK

Perhaps the most expensive dinner I have had in my life and to add to that the best alcohol. It was my first tryst with The PARK and with ABSOLUT Vodka (Blue) and it was surely an enjoyable one. Well, the first glance at the hotel is itself breath taking. The huge doors at the entrance completely unguarded followed by The Leather Bar on the right just raises the bar by a notch. Following it is the lobby. As far as I can remember the interior design is leaps and bounds ahead of any other restaurant. Guarded by bamboos and filled with a violet haze, the lobby is the place to be. Further in is its restaurant six 'o' one. Serving both ala carte and buffet, it has the finest variety of food and food with a difference.

We all started off slowly with some snacks being served and alcohol being ordered. I have never tasted ABSOLUT before, but it sure deserves the enigma attached to it. Smooth as silk, it gives you that sense of satisfaction or should i say that kick you looking for. The proceedings after that are slow with everyone concentrating on the food. But I was all excited about the deserts and they didn't disappoint. About 25 varieties present, each one good in its own merit. But what lured me the most were the Chocolate cream cup, the kheer and the strawberry cheese cake. We must have had four servings of deserts individually and stopped because our system wouldn't take more in. But we wanted more. There we sat now, bellies out, eyes rolling in and getting a lil more comfortable. We waited for a while, farted and enjoyed the ambience. To cap it off there were gorgeous girls and our eyes never shut.

Overall a little overpriced, but the food and the ambience make it a worthwhile visit. And to all of you there is a secret. Do visit the restroom, b'coz you never know what you might bump into. :)


aishwarya said...

what did u bump into :P

Ankit said...

The one thing you always wanted to see in IITM... :P

aishwarya said...

haha for that I have to go to the PARK now eh :P

Ankit said...

Hmmm.. you saw it in insti aa?