Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its Different!!!

So whats different??
You and I differ..
And you and i will always differ..

What wont differ is that be in any part of the country, the Indian trains are bound to get late. But what differs is the wait at the stations. In two days, I have spent about 6 hours at two different stations. Of course 3 hours each. One at the horrible horrible Chennai and the other at the most awesome Bangalore. I have very good reasons to add the adjectives to the two cities. In hind sight, I wouldnt have minded transferring all the 6 hours to Bangalore. For simply one reason. Aha, not girls, but the weather. There was a plesant wind blowing onto your face, giving you the feeling of waiting at the station for as long as the train wanted. And here, back in tamland, every moment just made me curse. Curse harder than before. It seemed eternity before the train finally arrived abuot 3 and a half hours late and each moment I kept thinking, is the interview that important or can I just say T to the interview and go back to my cool hostel room and lie down in the bed.
Well, I dunno how much progress the Indian railways has made in the past 4 years, but it surely doesnt show up on the tracks.

Whats different is the Shatabdi in the North and the South. The northi one looks royal and gives a special feeling. the southi one is just like any other train with food given on it. But bangalore being Bangalore, the crowd can make up for anything. The girls were pretty and one could see the full range fron the short skirts to the long flowing ones to tight jeans to the three fourths to the suits to the sarees. And each one of them adorable. I wonder how long has it been since I spoke about girls in such a fashion. Not my fault gals, Chennai doesn't deserve it!!

Hmmm... Coming to the point, the interview had nothing. It was so different from the other IIMs. Barely, ten min long, they asked me why are you excited about various things. And thats it. I forced them to ask me if I had any questions and asked about the curriculum and made sure that they knew I had a call from all the 6 IIMs and that i am that much better than the other candidates.
On the other hand, the other panel was beating the crap out of the students with each interview lasting about half an hour. Now, thats different again.

There is something more interesting than all the crap I wrote above. In the question I asked the panel, I came to know that at IIMB you bid for courses. Its like the IPL auction, each student is given some amount of credit and he can buy what courses he wants to do. In this way, he needs to figure out which course does he value more and what he wants his profile to look like. inovative haan? and know what, its all managed by the students with zero interaction from the faculty. Its something I have never heard of. So, lets play Super Selector!! Anybody game??

Well, when I was planning to write this blog in the train, I kept wondering. I have heard this somewhere. But where.. Now I know. It's the ketchup ad, with Javed Jaffery going in his own unique style, "Yeets Diffarant!! "


zufi said...

seem hazaar enthused to want to play the selection game, Mr. Agarwal?
already starting to like Bengaluru?:P

Ankit said...

Hehe.. If you didnt know Super selector is a fantasy cricket game on Please visit the website.. :P