Sunday, March 16, 2008

The First One

Lets get going. Its been a while since people been asking me to write a blog but being bitten by the lethargy syndrome, I have always found reasons not to. But believe me as I make my entry into this world, I am excited writing my first blog. I am here to learn the art of writing which my many dear friends say will come as I write. Actually the enthusiasm for starting this blog was a splurge of extra energy when someone so dear to me called me a "Lazy Bum". Its then that I wanted to prove a point. And here I am.

Guys, for all of you who do not know me, I am Ankit currently in the most peaceful semester of my life. Or atleast supposed to be. It has been marred by all the IIM interviews and the final year project that all the IITians are subjected to. From the IIM interviews, they are the craziest piece of crap I have ever attended. For starters, there are no parameters defined to judge you on. Secondly, they are random and completely not related to you. Imagine if you are asked to explain to the panel why is (-1)*(-1)=(+1), with the argument supporting that vice versa is not true. In another case, out of nowhere you are asked to sing. So, if someone likes to give interviews without preparing for them, this cake belongs to you.

I am sure all of us know about the famous chicken and the egg question. I have got one more for you. Which came first? Engineering or Technology?


nishita said...

what came first ankit or sarcasm????

Ankit said...

I can answer that.. Sarcasm... Come up with something better Nishi..