Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, the "1.4 lakh gal" as Ritesh coined it took us out to Eden to treat for the same. At first, the place looks like a commoner bustling with noise. But the steward made it sure that it seemed a part of the Radissons group of hotels. Zufster, with her charming smile made sure we got our seats a lot before we expected to. And with the food already decided, it was just a matter of time before we got our hands to it. Well, its more fun watching the Zufster using forks to cut the puff biscuits than eating the puff yourself. You just cant keep your eyes away from her. :D

The entire evening revolved around my previous post, the song and the flab. The flab mostly I should say, after all the attempts to reduce it, the Zufster wanted to provide me enough cheese so that it regains its original glory. And I was upto the challenge. my dish was leaps and bounds ahead of any other and the desert was just awesome though most of our furiousness was concentrated on the ice cream named, "When you last saw your waist".

Hehe, we rounded off the meal, including the waiting time, quicker than what it took us to travel to and fro the place. Inside the campus it was more silent for some reason and only time we actually began humming something was when zufster made mockery of some very good songs. All this while, there was a third party sitting there, though some could have debated her presence from whats been described. Overall, it was good fun at a place with good food and cheerful people doing the math of the flab before and after.


zufi said...

hello! firstly ....just because somebody cant sing as well as you..does not mean they dont have the right to sing ! and be mocked at !

and machcha its gonna be dangerous taking ya out ! the whole world will know the next day ! :P

Ankit said...

why... you afraid of the whole world knowing or something?? :-?

zufi said...
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zufi said...

heh !!hum un mein se nahin jo duniya se darr ke jite ho!!